​​​​​​​​​The District's calendars are created by its calendar committee, which consists of representatives from the following groups: parents, teachers, principals, administrators and community members. The committee submits their recommendations to the board for final approval. To read more about the calendar development process, click here.

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2022-2023 A-B Day Calendar.pdf
2022-2023 Academic Calendar.pdf
2022-2023 CMS Elementary Report Card Schedule.pdf
2022-2023 CMS Secondary Report Card Calendar.pdf
2022-2023 Early College High School Calendar.pdf
2022-2023 Holiday Teacher Workday Calendar.pdf
2022-2023 Middle High School Calendar.pdf
2022-2023 Religious Calendar.pdf
2021-2022 A-B Day Calendar.pdf
2021-2022 Academic Calendar Early College 04212021.pdf
2021-2022 Academic Calendar Middle College High 04212021.pdf
2021-2022 Academic Calendar.pdf
2021-2022 Calendario de las escuelas de Charlotte-Mecklenburg 052620.pdf
2021-2022 Religious Holiday Calendar 07292021.pdf
2020-2021 AB Day Calendar 08072020.pdf
2020-2021 Academic Calendar Early College 11202020.pdf
2020-2021 Academic Calendar K-5 K-8 and Secondary 6-12 04012021.pdf
2020-2021 Academic Calendar Middle College High 07302020.pdf
2020-2021 Academic Calendar Pre-K and EC 04012021.pdf
2020-2021 Calendario académico Días AB 08072020.pdf
2020-2021 Calendario académico Early College (Universidad temprana) MS 07302020.pdf
2020-2021 Calendario académico para Middle College High School de CMS 07302020.pdf
2020-2021 Calendario de días feriados y días laborables de maestrospersonal 08102020.pdf
2020-2021 Calendario religioso 08072020.pdf
2020-2021 Elementary Report Card Schedule 08072020.pdf
2020-2021 Holiday Teacher Workday Calendar 08102020.pdf
2020-2021 Programa de las libretas de calificaciones de la secundaria de CMS 08142020.pdf
2020-2021 Programa de las libretas de calificaciones de primaria de CMS 08072020.pdf
2020-2021 Religious Calendar 08072020.pdf
2020-2021 Secondary Report Card Schedule 08142020.pdf
2019-2020 AB Day Calendar v82819.pdf
2019-2020 Absence for Religious Obligation Form.pdf
2019-2020 Academic Calendar v032420.pdf
2019-2020 Early College Calendar.pdf
2019-2020 Elementary Report Card Schedule.pdf
2019-2020 Holiday Teacher Workday Calendar.pdf
2019-2020 Middle College High School Calendar.pdf
2019-2020 Mid-Year Graduation Schedule.pdf
2019-2020 Religious Calendar.pdf
2019-2020 Secondary Report Card Schedule.pdf
2019-2020 Workday Designation Calendar.pdf
2020 CMS VIRTUAL Ceremony Graduation Schedule.pdf
CMS High School Drive-Thru Pick-Up Schedule.pdf
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