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Substitute Teacher Applicants

We appreciate your interest in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Substitute Teacher position. CMS relies heavily on substitute teachers to continue high quality instruction during periods when staff members are absent or on an approved leave. Substitute teachers serve on an as needed basis and are not eligible to earn leave, participate in the retirement system, or receive/purchase health benefits. Substitute teachers for CMS do not qualify for unemployment benefits because they have a temporary status with CMS. Substitutes are not allowed to work in another capacity within CMS in addition to the substitute position. 

Please submit your application online via the Careers tab. All substitute positions are found under the Non-Instructional/Support Services section. Only completed applications will be considered for review. Certified Substitute applications require college transcripts and teacher license to be attached.

The minimum requirements for a Non-Certified Substitute Teacher within Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools are… Applicant must be 21 years of age or older AND must have a high school diploma.

Desired: 3 or more years of full-time experience working with children in a supervisory role

Hiring Process:

CMS ACTIVE SUBSTITUTE TEACHER PROCESS - SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS NEED TO WORK AT LEAST ONE ASSIGNMENT A MONTH TO STAY ACTIVE IN THE SUB POOL.  You DO NOT need to reapply each school year if you have subbed at least once a month during the school year. Nonparticipation as a substitute teacher in any calendar month during the school year will cause a break in service and removal from the active substitute list.

Only applications that meet the requirements will be contacted. You will also be required to pass a background check, drug test and provide three references with one being a supervisory reference.

There are two pay levels for Substitute Teachers; your pay status is determined by the following classification:

Certified Substitute – must have a North Carolina teaching license or a license from another state (current or expired).  This position will pay $140 per day.

Non- Certified Substitute – must be at least 21 years of age, and must have a high school diploma.  This position will pay $120 per day.


Substitute Secretary - must have high school diploma. This position is $15.00/hr for front office and $16.50/hr for finance secretary duties.

Substitute Teacher Bonuses:

Title I bonus is $10 extra per 1/2 day and $20 extra per full day.

$200 bonus if 5-9 substitute teacher assignments are worked in a calendar month.

$500 bonus if 10 or more substitute teacher assignments are worked in a calendar month. 

The monthly bonus is paid the following month after it was earned.

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