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Request for Reassignment/Transfer and Reassignment/Transfer Appeals Information

Reassigment/ Transfer Request Information: 

​​CMS offers students the opportunity to request placement in a different school/program through the Request for Reassignment/Transfer process.
Reassignment and transfer are different processes offered at different times throughout the year. 
Reassignment request are not accepted to schools on the Closed for Reassignment List. 
A request to a closed school will be processed as a transfer. 
Transportation is only guaranteed if the request is to the student's home school or to a magnet, Career & Technical Education(CTE), or school option program that serves the student's transportation zone.

In order for Student Placement to process a request based on allegations of bullying, the parents/legal guardian must provide the following:
  1. Documentation that the bullying incidents which are the basis of the transfer request have been reported to the principal (or other appropriate staff person) at the current school;

  2. Documentation confirming a face-to-face meeting between the parents/student and the principal of the current school to discuss the bullying report;

  3. A description of interventions developed to prevent the bullying from recurring and details on how they have been implemented; and

  4. Documentation of occurrences of bullying after the implementation of the interventions by the current school

2022-2023 TIMELINE: 

Complete request including medical packet and additional documentation must be received by the following deadlines in order to process for the appropriate period.


 All requests received after September 9, 2022, will be processed at the end of the quarter. 

All transfers will have a start date for the beginning of the second quarter, November 1, 2022.

Reassignment Process Timeline 2022-2023 School Year
Deadline to submit request
Choice Lottery Participants – FROM February 1, 2022- TO March 14,
Starting February 4, 2022


Transfer Process Timeline 2022-2023 School Year
Deadline to submit requestNotifications
Start date if approved
July 15, 2022
Starting July 29, 2022
First day of school

     ONLY emergency transfers with extenuating circumstances and documentation and medical requests will be processed after July 15th and if processed, will be processed at the end of the first quarter for the start of the second quarter or processed at the end of the second quarter for the start of the third academic quarter.


Please contact a Student Placement Specialist if you have questions.                                                                    



Click here for the 2022-2023 Request for Reassignment/Transfer Form

*Note this form does not work from a mobile device. Please use a laptop or desktop device.



Reassignment/Transfer Appeal Information:

Reassignment Appeals 

Appeal of Denied Reassignment Request
If your reassignment request is denied, you may appeal the decision to the Board of Education.

Appeal Process Steps:

  1. Submit notification to the Student Placement office in writing that you are appealing the denial of your child's reassignment request. Notification of appeal must be submitted within five working days of receiving your letter. You may submit this notice by mail, fax, in person or E-mail to Student Placement. We do not accept these notices by telephone.

  2. You will be notified by telephone of the date and time of the hearing so that you can appear in person and present information to the panel of Board members.

  3. At the hearing before the Board panel, the Student Placement office staff will provide copies of your reassignment request form, all documents submitted with that form, and any additional information that you may have submitted prior to the hearing.

  4. You may make a brief oral presentation of 3 to 5 minutes to the panel and present information to the panel that you have not previously submittedlease bring five copies of any supporting documents with you to the hearing.

  5. Most cases will first be heard by a panel of two or more members of the Board, which will recommend to the full Board whether or not your reassignment request should be approved.
The following factors will be considered by the Board panel in formulating its recommendation and by the full Board in makings its decision:

  • The best interests of your child
  • The orderly and efficient administration of the public schools
  • Capacity utilization at the requested school
  • The effect on students in the wait pool at the requested school
  • The instruction, health, and safety of the students at the requested school
After receiving the panel’s recommendation, the full Board of Education will consider your reassignment request and will make a decision in a closed session Board meeting. You will be notified of the Board’s decision in writing.

Transfer Appeals
Appeal of Denied Transfer Request
If your transfer request is denied, you may request that the Superintendent's designee reconsider this decision. In order to request reconsideration by the Superintendent's designee you must:

Within five working days of receiving your letter, notify the Student Placement Office in writing that you want the Superintendent designee to review the Student Placement Office’s denial of your transfer request.  

This notice must include:  

All the reasons you believe the Student Placement Office’s decision should be reversed by the Superintendent designee.  

1. These reasons should include, the specific ways that you believe the Student Placement Office’s decision violates:

  • North Carolina or federal law; or
  • A North Carolina Board of Education policy; or
  • A CMS Board policy.
2. Copies of documents or other written information that supports one of the above reasons.  

Send the written notice and documentation by mail, fax or e-mail to the Student Placement Office.

Reassignment/Transfer Request Appeal Email:


The Superintendent's designee will review the Student Placement Office’s decision and notify you by mail of the decision.



How to appeal request for reassignment decisions

How to appeal request for transfer decisions


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