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Graduation Information

Graduation Information

  • To ensure on-time graduation, parents and students should:  
  • Review the school’s attendance recovery policy.
    • All absences above 10 must be recovered in an after school program at your student’s school. Students who do not recover absences above 10 will receive an “F” for the course.  If it is a required course for graduation, the student will have to re-take the course.  It is very important to complete recovery in a timely manner. Check with your student’s counselor about this policy.
  • Talk with your student about their credits and discuss GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS.
    • Know the graduation requirements for you student’s class. Information about these requirements can be found by reviewing the CMS Graduation Policy and Regulations as listed above.  Questions and concerns regarding whether your child has met this policy should be directed to your school counselor.
    • Speak with your school counselor if you believe you are missing credits for Graduation.   Your student can enroll in credit recovery or other course offerings to help them catch up and graduate on time.
    • Check Parent Assistant regularly to see if there are any missing assignments or tests. If it is not on Parent Assistant, e-mail or schedule a face-to-face conference with the teacher prior to mid-quarter. Use the conference to find out if your student can turn in these assignments and if they can take or re-take any tests that they missed or failed.
  • Schedule a CONFERENCE with your student’s teachers.   In the conference, be sure to ask the teacher about their re-test, test correction and late assignment policy.  This will help you and your student meet expectations.  Also, if your student has a 504 plan, make sure the teacher and student are following through with the accommodations and modifications that are written in the plan.

For more information on:

  • Graduation requirements:  Contact your high school counselor.
  • Scheduling parent-teacher-student conferences: Start with the teacher or, if you need to see all of the student’s teachers, ask the school counselor to arrange one for you.
  • 504 plans:  Contact your high school counselor, or refer to the 504 department’s webpage.