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​2019-2020 Salary Schedules

The State Budget provides salary increases along with step increases which average 6.5%.  The Board of Education approved an increase of approximately 1% to the local supplement percentage as approved by the County Board of Commissioners. The new Certified Educators Schedules are listed below.

Please note, your state rate is based on your degree level and number of completed years of experience as determined by the North Carolina Department of Instruction. The local supplement is a percentage of your state 10 month annual amount. All salaries certified shown in our schedules are based on a 10 month contract year.  For information on installment pay or dividing your 10 month salary over 12 payments please contact payroll.


2019-2020 Market Pay Plan

2019-20 Market Pay Plan for 10 month employees.pdf
2019-20 Market Pay Plan for 11 month employees.pdf
2019-20 Market Pay Plan for 12 month employees.pdf
2019-20 Market Pay Plan 10 month AP.pdf
2019-20 Market Pay Plan 11 month AP.pdf
2019-20 Market Pay Plan 12 month Principal and AP.pdf

2019-2020 Certified Educator Schedules

The schedules below provide a detailed breakdown of Certified Educators by degree and experience level. This view includes the monthly state rate, annual state rate, and annual local rate by degree and experience level.


Master's Degree or Higher Pay

Only the following teachers and instructional support personnel shall be paid on the "M" or Master's salary schedule, or receive a salary supplement for academic preparation at the six-year degree level or at the doctoral degree level for the 2014-2015 school year and subsequent school years:

(1) Certified school nurses and instructional support personnel in positions for which a master's degree is required for licensure.

(2) Teachers and instructional support personnel who were paid on that salary schedule or received that salary supplement prior to the 2014-2015 school year.

(3) Teachers and instructional support personnel who (i) complete a degree at the master's, six-year, or doctoral degree level for which they completed at least one course prior to August 1, 2013, and (ii) would have qualified for the salary supplement pursuant to State Board of Education policy TCP-A-006, as it was in effect on June 30, 2013."

Please note: Teachers who obtain their masters in administration, but are currently assuming the role of a classroom teacher must also meet one of the above three (3) criteria in order to be paid on the masters, six-year, or doctoral degree level.

Certified Educators Schedules

2019-20 Bachelor A Schedule.pdf
2019-20 Master M Schedule.pdf
2019-20 Advanced Degree S Schedule.pdf
2019-20 Doctorate D Schedule.pdf

Certified Educators with National Boards of Professional Teaching Schedules

2019-20 National Board A Schedule.pdf
2019-20 National Board M Schedule.pdf
2019-20 National Board S Schedule.pdf
2019-20 National Board D Schedule.pdf

Psychologist, Speech Pathologist, Audiologist Schedules

2019-20 Psych Spch Aud.pdf
2019-20 Psych Spch Aud Advanced S.pdf
2019-20 Psych Spch Aud Doctorate D.pdf

State Principal and State Assistant Principal Schedules

2019-20 State Assistant Principal.pdf
2019-20 State Principal.pdf

Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists Schedule

2019-20 OT and PT.pdf

Compensation FAQ

Compensation FAQ.pdf

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