School Nutrition Services
Breakfast and Lunch Programs

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The Breakfast Program

Breakfast is offered daily in all schools before the start of the school day at no charge to students.  A breakfast consists of:  1) an entrée made with grain and/or meat/meat alternate, 2) milk, and 3) two servings of fruit or juice (limit of one juice per meal). All students will be required to take at a minimum one serving of fruit or juice and two additional items in order to receive the meal at no charge.  A breakfast entrée counts as two items. At a minimum, a student must select an entrée and a fruit or they may select two fruits and milk to have the meal count as a breakfast. The maximum amount of food a student can select at no charge is one entrée, one milk, and two servings of fruit or one serving of juice and one serving of fruit. Only a complete school breakfast is served at no charge. If a student does not select a complete breakfast as outlined above, they will have to pay individually for the items they chose.

The Grab & Go Breakfast Program

This program provides quick healthy meals for students while in the classroom. It is available in select schools.

The Lunch Program

Students may select items from each of the following five meal components: 1) meat/meat alternate, 2) grain, 3) vegetable, 4) fruit and 5) milk. Students must take an item from at least three of the five groups to make a complete school lunch, one of which must be a fruit or vegetable.

By offering a variety of nutritious choices, students can select a meal made up of foods they enjoy. The menus follow the Enhanced-Food Based Guidelines established by the USDA and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which assure breakfast meets one-fourth and lunch meets one-third of the daily recommended intake of calories, fat, proteins, vitamins and minerals for students.

School Nutrition Services provides meatless meals for students as an option to dietary or lifestyle choices. Each week the menu offers a minimum of 15 meatless entrée choices with at least two meatless entrées offered daily.

Students are not required to select an entrée choice with their meal. Students may choose up to two vegetable servings, one fruit serving (high school students may choose two fruit servings), one bread serving and milk. At a minimum, students must select three items with at least one selection being a fruit or vegetable.

All Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools' meals meet the USDA guidance for low saturated fat, cholesterol, zero added trans fats, whole grains, high fiber and reduced sodium.





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