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School Nutrition Services uses a computerized cash register system, which has been installed in all of the school cafeterias. Important information about the system:

Account Information

All students have their own account.

Personal Identification Numbers (PIN"s) are assigned to all students. The computer randomly assigns the numbers. Please help your student learn his/her number.

Students returning to the same school will use the same number from last year.

Students attending new schools will be issued a new number.

Students will be given a card with their numbers on it on the first day of school.

Refunds on Closed Accounts

Parents of students leaving CMS have up to 90 days to request a refund of money on account or have it transferred to another CMS student.  Amounts less than $5 will be transferred, upon request, to another CMS student account but not refunded.  Contact the School Nutrition Services office at (980) 343-6041 to request a refund or transfer of money on account.


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