Study Abroad
Types of Programs

 Globe with handsThere are hundreds of programs available for CMS students to study abroad.  Specific applications will vary from program to program.  In most cases, program personnel will conduct an interview with a student to make sure that the student is a good fit for the program and/or host family.  Students should be sure to plan early because applications can be due 4 to 9 months in advance.  Age requirements vary, as well as cost.

Types of Study Abroad Programs



  • Semester or academic year-long programs-- students live with a host family and are expected to attend their host international high school daily. 

  • Gap-Year/ 13th year of high school-- students most often live with a host family and attend high school, work as an intern, attend a language immersion school, or do community service.



  • Short-term study abroad takes place during the summer.  The duration of time can be from 3 weeks to 8 weeks.  Studies can include language study in an immersion school or camp, a specific course related to host country/culture, community service or home stay only.

  • Exchange programs also offer short-term trips available to students during the summer.  Students travel as part of an international​ group with a group leader to visit another country.  Trip length varies from 1 week to 4 weeks (approx.). 


International Travel (non-required international field trip)

  • The international field trip takes place any time during the school year or summer and is sponsored/coordinated by a CMS school or department.  Students travel as a group with a teacher or administrator from their school to an international location, for the primary purpose of travel and tourism.  Some CMS schools may establish an exchange agreement with an international school.  A field trip under an exchange agreement would include visits to a school and host family stays, in addition to travel and tourism.  The international field trip length is typically less than three weeks.

  • CMS International Field Trip resources can be found in the Intranet in the Global Education and Study Abroad webpage. 

Please note:  The above definitions were created by the CMS Study Abroad Office.  The definitions will be reviewed and edited on a regular basis as the study abroad industry continues to expand in secondary education and programs change and/or grow to include more areas of study for students.

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