The Office of Accountability


Research, Evaluation and Analytics

Q: I am interested in conducting research in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, what do I need to do?

A: Please refer to the Outside Research portion of the Research, Evaluation and Analytics website.

Q: I am looking for Teacher, Family, or Student survey results. Where can I find them?

A: Please refer to the Surveys portion of the Research, Evaluation and Analytics

State Testing
Q: What are EOGs and who takes them?

A: EOGs are End-of-Grade tests. Students in grades 3-8 take the reading and mathematics EOGs. Students in grades 5 and 8 take the science EOG.

Q: What are EOCs and who takes them?

A: EOCs are End-of-Course tests. Students enrolled in the following courses take EOCs: Algebra I, Biology and English I.

Q: Do all schools take Field tests?

A: No, all schools do not take the field tests. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction designates which schools take the field tests.

Q: What tests are included in the Field test?

A: It varies from year to year. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) determines with tests are field tested each year.

Q: Can students fail field test and if so what happens?

A: Results from the field tests are never reported so a student neither passes nor fails a field test.

Q: What other tests are given by this department?

A: Please refer to the State Testing website.

Q: How does a student go about enrolling in Summer School? Who do they contact?

A: Contact Extended Day Program and Services @ 980-343-3854.

Q: What tests are given at the end of Summer School?

A: It varies from year to year. 

Q: What are the testing dates for Summer School?

A: Contact Extended Day Program and Services @980-343-3854.

Q: Do all students that fail a test attend summer school?

A: It depends. Contact Extended Day Program and Services @980-343-3854.

Q: How can I obtain my child’s test results?

A: Contact your child’s school and ask for the Testing Coordinator or School Counselor.

Q: Are the testing calendars for the School Year available to the public? If so, where can they locate them and who creates them?

A:  Testing calendars are only provided on an intranet site to schools.  Contact your child's school and ask for the Testing Coordinator for particular testing dates/windows.

Q: Where do we find regulations on testing students who are just coming into the country and speak other languages?

A:  There is information pertaining to testing students with language proficiency available at: