2017-2018 Student Assignment Review

To ensure that student assignment continues to meet district needs and reflect changes in our community, the Board of Education completes a comprehensive student assignment review every six years. The most recent review began in January 2016 resulting in a student assignment plan that was approved by the Board on May 24, 2017.  We believe that the approved plan will significantly improve how well CMS educates the more than 147,000 students we serve by creating more diverse schools that are close to the students they serve and are well utilized with an increased number of intact feeder patterns.

Help us implement the Student Assignment Plan!

Community involvement is an important part of the implementation of the Student Assignment Plan. Soon we will launch CMSListens.org where you can get implementation updates, make suggestions, ask questions and learn about opportunities to get involved.  Click here if you would like to be notified when CMSListens.org launches.  

The Student Assignment Plan will be implemented in several stages.  

  • Fall 2017:  Transportation Zone and Options and Magnet recommendations approved November 2016.

  • Fall 2018:  Most school boundaries and feeder patterns changes (excluding middle school feeder pattern changes for Dilworth, Eastover, Montclaire, and Pinewood) as well as the addition of magnet programs at select high schools.

  • Fall 2019:  Middle school feeder pattern changes for Dilworth, Eastover, Pinewood and Montclaire elementary schools.