Student Placement


HAForm2016.pdfHealth Assessment FormNone
Student Placement Forms_English.pdfNew Student Enrollment PacketNone
Student Placement Forms_Spanish.pdfNew Student Enrollment Packet (Spanish)None
Requirements for School Entry.pdfRequirements for School EntryNone
Lottery_Results_magnet - First Lottery.pdf2016-17 First Lottery Results16-17
2nd Lottery Results.pdf2nd Lottery Results15-16
Elem_bdy_1516_.pdfElementary School Boundaries 2015-1615-16
Health Assessment Form 2016.pdfHealth Assessment Form 201615-16
Middle_bdy_1516.pdfMiddle School Boundary15-16
Requirements for School Entry (English) 2 29 16 rev 4 6 2016 (2).pdfRequirements for School Entry15-16
First Lottery Results - 2014-15.pdf2014-15 First Lottery Results14-15
Elem_bdy_1415.pdfElementary School Boundaries 2014-1514-15
High_bdy_1415.pdfHigh School Boundaries 2014-1514-15
Middle_bdy_1415.pdfMiddle School Boundaries 2014-1514-15
2013-14 All Schools Map.pdf2013-14 All Schools Map13-14
2013-14 Elementary School Boundary Map.pdf2013-14 Elementary School Boundary13-14
2013-14 Enrollment Packet (English).pdf2013-14 Enrollment Packet (English)13-14
2013-2014 Enrollment Packet (English).pdf2013-14 Enrollment Packet (English)13-14
2013-14 High School Boundary Map.pdf2013-14 High School Boundary Map13-14
2013-14 Middle School Boundary Map.pdf2013-14 Middle School Boundary Map13-14
Second Lottery Results - Berry Corrected.pdf2013-14 Second Lottery Results13-14
2013-2014 Enrollment Packet(Spanish).pdf2013-2014 Enrollment Form (Spanish)13-14
2012-13 All Schools Map.pdf2012-13 All Schools Map12-13
2012-13 Elementary School Boundary Map.pdf2012-13 Elementary School Boundary Map12-13
2012-13 First Lottery Results.pdf2012-13 First Lottery Results12-13
2012-13 Second Lottery Results.pdf2012-13 Second Lottery Results12-13
Medical Packet-Before2013-2014.pdfMedical Packet12-13
Notification of closed schools list 2012-13.pdfNotification of closed schools list 2012-1312-13
Proof of Residency (Spanish) rev 2-15-12.pdfProof of Residency - Spanish12-13
2011-12 Elementary School Boundary Map.pdf2011-12 Elementary School Boundary Map11-12
2011-12 Second Lottery Results.pdf2011-12 Second Lottery Results11-12
All Schools Map 2011-12.pdfAll Schools Map 2011-1211-12
Changes in CMS Magnet Programs for 2011-2012.pdfChanges in CMS Magnet Programs for 2011-1211-12
County-wide Elementary Map 2011-12.pdfCounty-wide Elementary Schools Map 2011-1211-12
County-wide High School Map 2011-12.pdfCounty-wide High Schools Map 2011-1211-12
County-wide Middle School Map 2011-12.pdfCounty-wide Middle Schools Map 2011-1211-12
First lottery results 2011-12.pdfFirst lottery results 2011-1211-12
First Lottery Results Presentation 2011-12.pdfFirst Lottery Results Presentation 2011-1211-12
Notfication of closed schools list 2011-12.pdfNotfication of closed schools list 2011-1211-12
Pre-K Request for Transfer form - English (2).pdfPre-K Request for Transfer Form 11-12
Pre-K Request for Transfer form - Spanish.pdfPre-K Request for Transfer Form 11-12
Elem_bdy_1011.pdfAll Schools Elementary10-11
High_bdy_1011.pdfAll Schools High10-11
Middle_bdy_1011.pdfAll Schools Middle10-11
CMS Sibling Guarantee Policy.pdfCMS Sibling Guarantee Policy10-11
First Lottery Results for Web FINAL.pdfFirst Lottery Results 2010-1110-11
First Lottery Results Presentation 2010-11.pdfFirst Lottery Results Presentation 2010-1110-11
Second Lottery Results 2010-11.pdfSecond Lottery Results 2010-1110-11
Address Change Form rev 10-08.pdf
Checked Out To: Evelyn R. DixonAddress Change Form rev 10-08.pdf
Checked Out To: Evelyn R. DixonAddress Change Form09-10
All_Schools_0910.pdfAll Schools 2009-1009-10
First Lottery Results 2009-10.pdfFirst Lottery Results 2009-1009-10
Medical Forms rev 10-08 Spanish.pdfMedical Forms for Reassignment/Transfer - Spanish09-10
Safe Schools Declaration2.pdfSafe Schools Declaration09-10
Safe Schools Declaration Spanish.pdfSafe Schools Declaration - Spanish09-10
Guiding principles.pdfGuiding Principles07-08
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