Student Placement
Transportation Eligibility

Bus transportation will be provided to the following:

  • Students who attend their home school.  Each Mecklenburg County address has been assigned an elementary, middle and high school known as the home school. Students are automatically assigned to their home school upon enrollment.
  • Students who attend a magnet program that serves their transportation zone.  The county is divided into four transportation zones.  Magnet schools serve one or more transportation zones.  These assignments are made through the Student Assignment/Magnet Lottery.  Transportation may be provided through a shuttle stop.
  • Students who are impacted by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act.  For more information, contact your school liaison.

Please note: Transporation is NOT provided to students who have approved requests for reassignment/transfer, unless the placement is to the student's home school or to a magnet school that serves the student's transportation zone.