Board of Education
Core Beliefs and Commitments


Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools provides all students the best education available anywhere, preparing every child to lead a rich and productive life.


The mission of CMS is to maximize academic achievement by every student in every school.

Core Beliefs and Commitments:

We believe that:

  • Public education is central to our democracy;
  • We are responsible for building and maintaining high performing organizations that ensure all students will successfully acquire the knowledge, skills and values necessary for success;
  • Our principals and teachers make the critical difference in student achievement; and
  • Engaging the student's family and the community in the education process enhances learning and academic achievement.

Based on these Core Beliefs, we are committed to:

  • Providing all students with the opportunity to perform to their fullest potential and ensuring that there is no discernible difference between the achievement levels of students by race, gender or economic level
  • Preparing all students to be successful in institutions of higher learning or the workforce without a need for remediation
  • Providing a clear Theory of Action and an effective Superintendent to lead its implementation
  • Giving all students access to a well-rounded, rigorous curriculum that is research-based and data driven
  • Basing our educational culture on merit and individual achievement
  • Embracing our community's diversity and using it to enhance the educational environment
  • Operating effectively and efficiently with fiscal accountability
  • Securing and allocating adequate resources according to the needs of each child
  • Providing safe and orderly learning and working environments
  • Ensuring that an effective principal leads every school
  • Ensuring that an effective teacher instructs each class
  • Providing resources for relevant professional development
  • Encouraging and providing engagement opportunities for all students' families
  • Partnering with community members to maximize student learning  

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