Board of Education
Committee/Group Appointments by the BOE

The Board of Education encourages participation of community members in decision-making processes through Board approved groups and advisory committees.  Following is a listing of the committees and groups along with the number of Board appointments and term lengths.

Board Approved Groups

  • Central Piedmont Community College Board of Trustees - Four appointments for four-year terms
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library Board of Trustees - One appointment for four-year term
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission - Two appointments for three-year terms
  • Citizens Transit Advisory Group - One appointment for two-year term

Board Advisory Committees (each Board member appoints one committee member)

  • Bond Oversight Committee - Nine appointments for three-year terms
  • Privatization Advisory Committee - Nine appointments for four-year terms
  • Arts & Science Council Advisory Committee - Nine appointments for two-year terms